Getting to the interview stage of your medical application is a success in itself. Now, however, you really need to put in your top performance to separate yourself from the other applicants. Our expert medical interview preparation provides you with the skill and techniques to boost your interview performance.

One-to-One Online Interview Tuition

Our experienced interview tutors provide you with expert techniques to boost your interview performance.

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MMI Course

Practice your MMI (multiple mini interview) performance with our realistic practice circuits course.

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Our happy customers.

"I found the sessions incredibly useful and they helped me gain confidence for the interview. They even tailored my sessions specifically to each medical school I had an interview for, focussing on the aspects I found most challenging."


Leeds Medical School

"The Prep Medics tuition was the most beneficial resource I used during the medical school application process. I had been on a number of interview courses prior to coming to Prep Medics and had been left confused with two rejections post interview. In just a couple of sessions with Prep Medics, however, they identified the areas I was weak on and geared intensive preparation towards the style of questions in my remaining interviews."


St. George's Medical School

"Thank you so much to Maheen and Daniyal for their help and support in my medical application. The one-to-one sessions were really productive and informative and it was really useful focussing time on improving the areas where I was weaker. I would definitely recommend Prep Medics!"


King's College London

"Thank you for the brilliant webinar this weekend! It was a very high quality session and included so much useful information for our students!"


A School in London

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