UCAT Study Tips


We know it can all sound a bit confusing. Another exam to revise for? And it’s not based on your school curriculum either? Not what you want to hear for the summer, but the effort’s all worth it in the end!

We’ve put together some useful tips from our experience on how to best prepare for the UCAT (formerly UKCAT).

Do some digging around!

Read about what’s in the test, there’s loads of information on the web or speak to people who have given the test. Find out useful tips and what to expect and gather the right resources. Find out where your local test centre is and when test bookings start, pick a test date that you think is realistic for you.

Make a plan early – and stick to it!

It’s so easy to leave things to the last minute but if you want to comfortable make a plan and give yourself plenty of time to prepare. It comes naturally to some people but most of us need time to get used to the type of questions.

Mimic the environment.

The actual UCAT is a 2 hour computer-based test so work on the computer to get used the screen format and controls. Do as many practice questions as possible.

Time yourself.

Although at the beginning you’ll be just figuring out how to answer the question, closer to your test day really time set time limits for answering questions. Full mocks, although daunting, are great for practice.

Try different resources and methods.

Take people’s advice and then decide on what works best for you.

Read the GMC’s Good Medical Practice.

It will prepare you for the Situational Judgement Test and get’s you into the frame of thinking that doctors need.

Give yourself breaks as well!

There’s no point in wearing yourself out before the test, which is why you need to make a plan in advance.

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UCAT Study Tips

We know it can all sound a bit confusing. Another exam to revise for? And it’s not based on your school curriculum either? We’ve put together some useful tips to help you prepare for your UCAT!

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