Bespoke Tuition

Delivered by our top tutors our UCAT, BMAT and interview tuition sharpens your skills and hones your responses to give you that competitive edge.

How does our online tuition work?

  1. Buy your online tution package
  2. One of our expert tutors will contact you to arrange convenient times for your tuition
  3. Each session will be delivered online and can focus on any area of your medical application that you wish including pre-application discussions, preparing for the UCAT & BMAT and interview technique

Why Prep Medics bespoke tuition?

We know that each applicant in unique with individual strengths and weaknesses.

That is why we offer bespoke tuition which allows you to focus on identified areas for improvement across UKCAT, BMAT and interview preparation.

Delivered by Expert Tutors
Our top tutors will work with you to sharpen your skills and give you the techniques to improve your medical application.
Focussed Tuition
Our tutors can use your performance in our online courses to identify individual areas to improve in tutoring sessions.
Give yourself the Competitive Edge
Our experienced tutors can help you develop your skills and techniques to improve your performance in UKCAT, BMAT and Interviews.

Online UCAT Tuition

Whether it’s verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, decision making or situational judgement our expert tutors can give you the strategies and techniques to boost your UCAT performance. They can even review questions you have completed online with us to tailor your tuition to the specific style of questions you struggle with.

Online BMAT Tuition

Our expert tutors can teach you the critical thinking skills required for section 1, the scientific knowledge needed in section 2 (including the pesky physics which many people forget after GCSE) and the concise but speedy essay writing skills required for section 3. They can even review questions you have completed online with us to tailor your tuition to the specific style of questions you struggle with.

Online Interview Tuition

There are many common questions which arise at medical school interviews covering important topics such as ethics and the NHS. Our expert tutors can discuss these topics with you, probing just like the interviewers will, and then perform mock interviews to prepare you, help calm your nerves and give you our top tips for performing well at medical school interviews.

In-Person Interview Tuition

Our top tutors can also deliver our interview tuition in-person in central London to make your interview as close to the real thing as possible.

If you wish to arrange in-person interview tuition please contact [email protected] for more details and availability.


Our happy customers.

"I found the sessions incredibly useful and they helped me gain confidence for the interview. They even tailored my sessions specifically to each medical school I had an interview for, focussing on the aspects I found most challenging."


Leeds Medical School

"The Prep Medics tuition was the most beneficial resource I used during the medical school application process. I had been on a number of interview courses prior to coming to Prep Medics and had been left confused with two rejections post interview. In just a couple of sessions with Prep Medics, however, they identified the areas I was weak on and geared intensive preparation towards the style of questions in my remaining interviews."


St. George's Medical School

"Thank you so much to Maheen and Daniyal for their help and support in my medical application. The one-to-one sessions were really productive and informative and it was really useful focussing time on improving the areas where I was weaker. I would definitely recommend Prep Medics!"


King's College London

"Thank you for the brilliant webinar this weekend! It was a very high quality session and included so much useful information for our students!"


A School in London

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