Applying to Medical School in the UK

Application Process

With over 33 medical schools to choose from and more places available than ever, the process of applying to medical school can be confusing. So to help you kick-start the journey we have put together a short intro guide on the application process.


There are 3 main components that make up your application to medical school:


The entrance examinations.

Medical schools are different in that you have you sit an extra exam (either the UCAT, BMAT or GAMSAT) and you can start sitting them from as early as June. Check out our UCAT and BMAT guides for more!


UCAS application submission in mid-October.

This includes all your grades you have achieved so far (GSCEs), your school will submit your predicted grades and reference. Main thing for you to do here is write a Personal Statement. Check out our other application guide pages for more!


The medical school interview.

Once the university has looked through your application and if you have fulfilled their entrance criteria, they may invite you to a selection interview. There’s different types of interviews and each medical school runs them at slightly different times. PrepMedics has dedicated tutors that will help you work on your interview skills as well as mock sessions to prepare you for the real day!


If you are successful then the medical school will offer you a place on their course. Each medical school is different so some get back to you very quickly, others may take their time. Not to worry though, they will all have replied by May-June in time for UCAS deadline to accept offers.


Personal Statements

Our personal statement review services ensure your personal statement stands out from the crowd making your application competitive.


Our one-to-one UCAT tutoring, online UCAT course and UCAT question bank (coming soon) gives you the confidence to ace your UCAT.


Our one-to-one BMAT tutoring, BMAT essay review, online BMAT course and BMAT question bank (coming soon) gives you the tools to ace your BMAT.


Our online or in-person interview practice for MMI, panel or Oxbridge interviews is great preparation for your interviews.

BMAT Study Tips

There’s only a small number of universities that require the BMAT, but those that do are often very high-achieving competitive medical schools.

What is the BMAT?

Like the UKCAT the British Medical Aptitude Test (BMAT) is another admissions test that some medical and veterinary schools use to assess the applicants’ abilities and approaches.

UCAT Study Tips

We know it can all sound a bit confusing. Another exam to revise for? And it’s not based on your school curriculum either? We’ve put together some useful tips to help you prepare for your UCAT!

What is the UCAT?

Many medical schools use the UCAT to select medical students. So what is the UCAT and how can I prepare for it?

BMAT Essay Titles

To help you with your BMAT Preparation we have prepared a list of every Section 3 BMAT essay title since 2010.

Applying to Medical School – Timeline

For a truly successful medical school application you must prepare in advance. Our team of medical students have put together a timeline on what the process was like for them.

Applying to Medical School in the UK

The process of applying to medical school can be confusing. So to help you kick-start the journey we have put together a short intro guide on the application process.